Have been working with pen and ink so far this month. They are images I’ve used previously, but have added new troupes. Some are inspired by the horror genre, others influenced by other artists…and life itself. In addition, I am writing a collection of prose poems. Have submitted several to various magazines. Eventually, I will be looking for a publisher who will put them in book format, accompanied by my illustrations. They are not horror, but they are very dark. Still working on my novel…going very slow. However, it’s coming together.

Art Matters, Portsmouth, RI

Today, Ricky Gagnon and I joined Wayne Quakenbush at Art Matters. We had the opportunity to show some of our art, speak about our process and what’s coming up in the future.

Ricky shared paintings from his wonderful muscleman series, and I had a chance to speak about my fiction and how my visual art intertwines with it.

The episode will be available shortly to Cox cable viewers. In addition, it will be available on YouTube.

Paintings and Stories

Telling stories this morning. I wanted to paint some abstract pieces, influenced by Bob Judge, Pollock and other abstract expressionists. Last night, I thought I’d finished this painting. So, I set it against my fireplace. As I was sitting on my couch, I noticed what looked like a face amidst the black and white brushstrokes. So, I added a few more lines, worked on the eyes, mouth, the shape of the head…and then, I had a skull in the midst of the abstract shapes. I listen to jazz while I’m working…painting or writing…that old Southern blues that I love. I think that’s where it came from. Thinking of Robert Johnson, the Afro Caribbean Voodoo…Hoodoo…stuff mingled with the music down there. (Huge influence on my writing.)

The above painting is titled “At the Crossroads…for Robert Johnson”.