Comic Book Art–July 2020

My version of Harley Quinn above.


Loving DC Comics characters and revisting them this summer. Have created some of my own expressions for some of the personalities that I adore.  Fan art for your viewing pleasure.

Am also in the midst of collaborating on a new novel with a writer who I admire. Thrilled that I was asked to work on this project. In addition, I am working on several other writing projects.

Batman & Joker, Catwoman, Joker and Raven.

Sandy DeLuca, New Painting, Harley and Joker

This piece is a combination of several images; an old painting done around a decade ago,  several pen and ink drawings I’ve done over the past month; and my love of comicbook art. It is called “Joker’s Ghost”.

As I paint the characters from DC Comics, I interpret them in my own way…as many other artists do. I strive to capture a suggestion of each character, while staying true to my vision as a painter. I try to remain loose, allowing the paint to drip, leaving some portions incomplete…and maybe up to the imagination. So, in no way am I  a comicbook artist.  I just love the movies, the books, the comics…the art. Stanley “Artgerm”  Lau and Frank Cho are two illustrators that I admire.They inspire me. And I just do what I do. Someone told me that what I’m doing now is Neo Pop Art. So, that’s cool.





Sandy DeLuca, Escape to Gotham

The news is disturbing these days. So, I’ve escaped to Gotham!

Researching different artist’s and their varied interepations of DC Comics characters.  Right now, the influcences of artists like Jason Fabok and Stanley ‘Artgerm’ Lau have inspired me to paint some of my own versions of the various heroes and villains of Gotham. Of course, the villains rule with me.

My work will never be as technical as the artists that I’ve mentioned–and I don’t want it to be–but I’ve incorporated my work into what might be called a Neo Pop Art style.

Right now–over the past week–I’ve been doing studies with ink and acrylics, all in black and white. Will keep you posted on my progress with time.

Thanks for looking,

Sandy DeLuca

June 11, 2020

joker with card



Visual notes for fiction…

During the pandemic, I’ve had a lot of time to work on both fiction and painting. The arts blend together. And I often see or feel scenes and characters when I work.

Back in January, before Covid-19 took over all of our lives, I visited my great-grandfather’s house–actually my cousin Ann Marie’s house right now. It’s a place where I grew up, surrounded by cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents…and even great-grandparents for a while.

There’s a river below the property, an abandoned place, visually stunning. That waterway, along with the old house, inspired a novel–one still in progress. In addition, a novella came to life–a thing that I thought I’d finished, but each time I do a “final edit”, I add to it.  Then there’s the prose poems, written in an oddball sort of way. There’s five of them now.

Anyway, some “visual notes” (relating to my writing in progress) are here. The paintings and drawings express the past; partly the wonder of growing up–some dark years later on, too. And these are things, real and imagined–always there. Thing is that you get past childhood and beyond– teens–early twenties. You love and cry (sometimes)…and then you move on. The loves, the laughter, the heartbreak…it all follows you…and your imagination makes it wilder, darker, scarier…and you write…and maybe you paint, get lost in music, dance…you live.

Dark Past 2