Tomes of Terror

FeaturedTomes of Terror from Crossroad Press

Pleased that MANHATTAN GRIMOIRE is part of this ten-novel collection from Crossroad Road.

From ghosts to werewolves to haunted houses, this collection of ten complete, unabridged novels of the occult and supernatural is full of unending terror ready to be unleashed on fans of both classic and modern horror fiction.

* Enter a mysterious house where a multiple murder has been discovered
* Run with a family of werewolves as they hunt a runaway from their pack
* Discover the evil that grows on a fog-enshrouded lake
* Cross the barrier of the living and enter a dimension ruled by the dead
* Encounter an ancient supernatural force that has returned to prey on the living
* Meet a mysterious lady who offers protection at the cost of one’s soul
* Beware the unknown that strikes with razor-sharp teeth and paralyzes with eerie golden eyes
* Follow a werewolf who is a cop by day and a hunter by night
* Try to survive a crippling blizzard while attempting to stop an unimaginable evil from fulfilling a horrific destiny
* Hide from the beast that silently stalks the streets at night, leaving death in its wake

At your own peril, read these tales of the macabre, these… TOMES OF TERROR.

Novels included in this box set:

Songs of Dreaming Gods – William Meikle
Shadoweyes – Kathryn Ptacek
Wolf’s Trap – Bill Gagliani
Moon Lake – Stephen Gresham
Wilding – Melanie Tem
The Nestling – Charles Grant
Manhattan Grimoire – Sandy DeLuca
Dead Time – Richard Lee Byers
Dark Avenging Angel – Catherine Cavendish
The Nightwalker – Thomas Tessier

Creepy Things

The book ADORABLY WICKED is once again available, this time in in color. It includes color paintings and pen and ink drawings. The images are from my art series entitled Creepy Things.

At the end of 2018, and into 2019, I began a new series–cute and creepy. It’s influenced by the horror genre–as much of my work is. Back in the ’80’s, while in college, I studied children’s illustrations in my commercial art classes. In addition, I studied children’s literature. The two studies intersected naturally.

The Pop Surrealism movement caught my attention several years ago. When working on The Mad Hattery with Marge Simon, several of my paintings made an attempt to capture the “big eyes” of that genre.  I believe that my studies of German Expressionism also play a role in this series, giving my work a less technical feel.

None of the originals are for sale online. However, prints, greeting cards and postcards of these images will be available at my gallery at RedBubble and at various art shows I will be part of in the future.

Prints, postcards, greeting cards and other products available at RedBubble.