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Article about the solo art show FIGURES AND FANTASIES, Warwick Beacon, September, 1986. (No link available.)

Interview by Benjamin Kane Ethridge at Cloth’s Chapel, 2012

Interview by Terrie Leigh Relf

THE BIG THRILL–The Magazine of International Thriller Writers


Layers of Thought

Via William Cook, 2013, Re: Messages from the Dead

“Sandy DeLuca: Messages from the Dead
This is just a great read. Spooky, haunting, and disturbing, DeLuca’s tale travels through the corridors of time to bring past and present together. Ghosts haunt the shadows of both the mind and a former hospital and they come with dark secrets.”

Interview–THE BLACK ABYSS–2012

M. R. Gott’s Cutis Anserina

“Sandy Deluca’s Manhattan Grimoire is masterpiece of balance between the grit and grime of our world, and menace that exists just beyond our perception.  Deluca creates a sense of peril with nearly every word she writes, only to later reveal the truth is darker than our fears.  Those searching for a dark horror novel with a tangible atmosphere would be hard pressed to find a better read.  “

“Messages From The Dead is a horror tale that accomplishes what all good horror should do; it’s an absorbing read, it’s imaginative, the scares are many and they are tangible. Messages From The Dead is so good that the practice of comparing Sandy Deluca to other contemporary author’s should end – she will be the one newer authors will be graded against. There is no doubt in my mind that this novella will define Deluca as a master horror writer for years to come.
Please, don’t hesitate to pick up Messages From The Dead.” TT Zuma, HorrorWorld

“Hell’s Door is a terrifying journey into the inner workings of a shattered mind, one that is brutally efficient, smart and on a mission to save the souls of broken women…Sandy continues her string of outstanding books published by DarkFuse and this just might be her most dark and depraved work yet.”
-Peter Schwotzer, Literary Mayhem

“Achieves a rare combination of horrifying imagery that made my stomach turn with a far deeper terror that resonated in my mind. Hell’s Door shows that DeLuca is a true master of horror.”
-Josef Hernandez, Examiner

“Hell’s Door may very well be the best, the darkest, and the most perverse serial killer tale or police procedural that I have read in a very long time.”
-Bob Milne, Beauty in Ruins