Sandy DeLuca

About the artist/author: Sandy DeLuca is an American writer and visual artist, born in Providence, Rhode Island. Her paintings are …


Have been working with pen and ink so far this month. They are images I’ve used previously, but have added …


Updated version of OCTOBER MARILYN…October 22, 2019.

Art Matters, Portsmouth, RI

Today, Ricky Gagnon and I joined Wayne Quakenbush at Art Matters. We had the opportunity to show some of our …

For October

For October, acrylic on canvas, October, 2019

New Work

This piece is an acrylic painting, embellished with fabric. She’s a Psychedelic Buddha.

Paintings and Stories

Telling stories this morning. I wanted to paint some abstract pieces, influenced by Bob Judge, Pollock and other abstract expressionists. …

Several 2 x 2 inch paintings, with a 4 x 4 inch canvas in the middle.

Mini Canvases

Above: Four 2 x 2 inch paintings and a 4 x 4 inch painting in the middle. I spent the …


I recently began a new series of paintings called MUSES. I’ve painted my muses for many years. They are memories, …

Cat People Paintings

I love cats. Currently, I live with four of them. They’ve inspired me for many years. Here, I’ve posted a …

My cover art for Night to Dawn 35.

New Cover Paintings

Night to Dawn Magazines and Books Order this amazing book here. Frostfire Worlds cover art FrostFire World, May 2019