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Sandy DeLuca’s paintings have been featured as cover art and interior art for various publications, including notable work such as the Bram Stoker winner, VAMPIRES, ZOMBIES AND WANTON SOULS, for Marge Simon’s poetry. Sandy has also written and published numerous novels, several poetry and fiction collections, an art chapbook and several novellas. In addition, books which tell the story of her journey as a visual artist are now available. These books chronicle her humble beginnings as an art student in the late 1970's and move on through 2015. Please check Amazon, Barnes and Noble and other independent online retailers for sales information regarding all of her books. As an author she is known for dark and surreal prose; often visceral and shocking. She is best known for her work in the horror genre. However, she has written noir fiction, fantasy, urban fantasy and mainstream fiction as well. She was a finalist for the BRAM STOKER for poetry award in 2001, with BURIAL PLOT IN SAGITTARIUS; accompanied by her cover art and interior illustrations. A copy is maintained in the Harris Collection of American Poetry and Plays (Brown University) Poetry, 1976-2000. She was nominated once more in 2014, with Marge Simon, for DANGEROUS DREAMS. At present she paints and writes full time.

From Alban Lake Publishing

Come Dream With Me at Alban Lake Publishing Journey to Talazia from Alban Lake The Intergalactic Cookbook at Alban Lake


  Midnight Town at Amazon Switchblade at Amazon DESCENT at Amazon Messages From the Dead at Amazon From Ashes at …

Darker Days

It’s the end of November, the holidays are approaching and the landscape is darker, painted with deep brown, rust, gray…black. …


Have been working with pen and ink so far this month. They are images I’ve used previously, but have added …


Updated version of OCTOBER MARILYN…October 22, 2019.

Art Matters, Portsmouth, RI

Today, Ricky Gagnon and I joined Wayne Quakenbush at Art Matters. We had the opportunity to show some of our …

For October

For October, acrylic on canvas, October, 2019

New Work

This piece is an acrylic painting, embellished with fabric. She’s a Psychedelic Buddha.

Paintings and Stories

Telling stories this morning. I wanted to paint some abstract pieces, influenced by Bob Judge, Pollock and other abstract expressionists. …

Several 2 x 2 inch paintings, with a 4 x 4 inch canvas in the middle.

Mini Canvases

Above: Four 2 x 2 inch paintings and a 4 x 4 inch painting in the middle. I spent the …


I recently began a new series of paintings called MUSES. I’ve painted my muses for many years. They are memories, …

Cat People Paintings

I love cats. Currently, I live with four of them. They’ve inspired me for many years. Here, I’ve posted a …