New work March 2023

Thrilled that my very long poem THE STREGA appears in the most recent issue of SPACEPORTS @ SPIDERSILK. My illustration MAMA accompanies it.

THE STILL PLACE, a novel co-written with GREG F. GIFUNE, is due for release from JOURNALSTONE later this year. More news coming in relation to a limited edition.

I’ve been painting, drawing and writing a great deal…as usual. I’m always writing poetry, mostly long, story-like poems, and I’m always thrilled when a magazine accepts one of them for publication. I am still working on several longer pieces of fiction, one novel in particular that I’ve rewritten several times. Many years ago, I wrote several chants for SILVER RAVENWOLF’S popular book, TO STIR A MAGICK CAULDRON, under the pseudonym AUTUMN RAINDANCER. I thought it would be fun to resurrect Autumn and do a few small books of magical chants. Not quite horror or crime noir, but something else I do.

Here are a few of my new art pieces.

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