Painting and writing…the process

I’ve been working on two novels simultaneously for a while. Each time I believe I’ve completed one or the other, I realize something more is needed–something needs to eliminated, moved or rewritten. Eventually, I’ll have two, fairly long, vampire novels to offer my readers. In addition, I’ve got numerous short stories and poems in the pipeline. Also, I was just approached to participate in a new writing project. More on that as the work progresses.

There’s more! I recently cleaned out a storage closet and found handwritten notepads and journals that contain incomplete works and ideas for other fiction. Most of it’s from the 80s, before we stored files on computers, disks or memory sticks. I plan to sort through everything…maybe something new can be resurrected from the old.

As some of you know, I often paint images of scenes or characters that pop into my head while working on my written work.

Last night and early this morning, I painted my characters Mia and Biagio. Now, they aren’t Victorian era beings, but I thought I’d add that effect to my visual interpretation. He’s a scoundrel (of course) and she introduces the novel with a short prologue.

I’ve posted Mia and Biagio here. The painting is small, around 9 x 12 inches, something conjured late on a Thursday evening.

Thanks for reading,

Sandy DeLuca, May 14, 2021

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