New Series

With this new series, I am combining an affinity for horror flicks and books. Childhood nostalgia is present at times. I began it because an old friend recently told me that he found doll art along with other subjects I’d painted when very young. The paintings and drawings were stored in a box filled with comics we’d collected. As children, we’d spent many hours watching scary movies and building our collection. Years later–this year–he asked me to paint something new, something that reflected our love of horror and our long ago days as children. I came up with Pennywise surrounded by Voodoo dolls. He said, “It’s perfect.” Then, I went on to paint several more images of Pennywise.

To sum up, this series is more than copies of classic horror monsters. They are painted in my own distinct way–often quickly. The paint drips and smudges…maybe my style is crude to some, abstract at times. Sometimes images that don’t relate to the monsters has been/will be painted with them. They are an expression of subjects that I enjoy, have enjoyed with people that I love…friends, family. They partly relate to my work as a fiction writer. It’s a painter’s expression…more than just pretty things.

This is a continuing series…

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