Sandy DeLuca, New Painting, Harley and Joker

This piece is a combination of several images; an old painting done around a decade ago,  several pen and ink drawings I’ve done over the past month; and my love of comicbook art. It is called “Joker’s Ghost”.

As I paint the characters from DC Comics, I interpret them in my own way…as many other artists do. I strive to capture a suggestion of each character, while staying true to my vision as a painter. I try to remain loose, allowing the paint to drip, leaving some portions incomplete…and maybe up to the imagination. So, in no way am I  a comicbook artist.  I just love the movies, the books, the comics…the art. Stanley “Artgerm”  Lau and Frank Cho are two illustrators that I admire.They inspire me. And I just do what I do. Someone told me that what I’m doing now is Neo Pop Art. So, that’s cool.





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