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Middleport Harbor is a strange city, a place where the supernatural exists. There are dark fairies, elementals, undead…and werewolves—the lupo mannaro—the Italian werewolf. They arrived in Middleport Harbor decades ago, on a ship where bloodshed and death occurred in a darkened hull, because a black curse followed it over the sea.

The wolf women begin to die when their childbearing years have finished, and Ellery Bento is dying. Her daughter, Geneva, wants to make a heinous deal with a deadly shadow queen to save her. She’s warned not to go any further, but little does she know that a street urchin, named Rina, has already set evil in motion.

Will Geneva save her mother? Is she fated to die alone? Or will the paranormal beings of Middleport Harbor rescue her when they perform a darkened requiem in tunnels beneath the city?