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I spent the first part of the December, 2019. completing a piece of cover art for a publisher. Later in the month, I took the first vacation that I’d had in a while, spending time clelebrating the holidays with my family. I also did a lot of reading and binging on Netflix. In mid-December, I also celebrated a birthday.

During that period, I also took some time to decide what I wanted to do with the remainder of my life. I remembered a shopping trip when I was young, meeting an older woman–a friendly soul– while browsing racks of paperback books and magazines. She told me she’d led an interesting life, and in her older years, she wanted to write…base some fiction on her experiences. I thought, one day I’ll do the same.  

I’ve been writing a long time, but I’ve also painted, illustrated, been a photographer and worked in banking for many years, too. Maybe at this time…after that birthday…I’ll write like never before…draw inspiration from journal entries…from memories…from everything…just write, and then write a bit more.

Previously, I’d been discouraged with fiction and vowed that, while I’d continue with it, I’d never pen another novel. However, December brought me the realization that I have to do so.

So, with the new year, I resurrected several manuscripts I’d put aside, deciding that I would indeed complete them. A new idea surfaced as well, and I’ve begun research on that project.

I want to bring to light several novels and novellas that are currently available at Amazon. Various publishers have given me the opportunity to offer my work to readers. And last year, my book “Midnight Town” won a BookBub featured spot. There are a few out-of-print books that will be available again shortly as well.

Over the next year…and beyond…I plan to complete more novels and to make an effort to make my work available to a wider audience.