For a the full collection of my work, please go to my Amazon author page. Click the above link.

Midnight Town at Amazon

Switchblade at Amazon

DESCENT at Amazon

Messages From the Dead at Amazon

From Ashes at Amazon

Manhattan Grimoire at Amazon

Hell’s Door at Amazon

City at the Edge of the Earth at Amazon

Reign of Blood at Amazon

Darkness Conjured at Amazon

SIN for site

Settling in Nazareth at Amazon

2 thoughts on “Welcome

  1. I admire your reflective decision. I mull over the same thing, but have found no real conclusion. Of course you have a higher profile than me, so your continuing makes sense for you. Me? Not so much…


    1. As artists, we all go through reflective periods in our lives. I think back and remember that all I ever wanted to do was write…since I was a little girl. I wrote even before I REALLY wrote, always keeping journals, penning notes on napkins, envelopes…whatever was (or is) available…as all writers do. Everything is fodder for fiction…everything. When young and terribly wild and tortured, I wrote love letters to a guy who most likely never kept or treasured any of them–sometimes one or two a day. All lost in time. Doesn’t matter. Thing is…you write…then write more…it doesn’t matter if those letters get thrown away, or if the journals get lost during a move cross-country. Your memories and imagination fill in the blanks…and you continue…you just write. Do it for you…not them.


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