As always, opening night was sensational at the New Hope Art Gallery’s newest exhibit. Many thanks to Ricky Gagnon, and his assistants–Barbara Rosenbaum, David Koukol and Regina Blount.

The Holiday/winter Show featured over 400 pieces of 2D and 3D art including ceramic, digital, drawing, fabric, furniture, glass, mixed media, mosaic, painting, photography, and sculpture from 100 local, national, senior, special needs and student artists. Also featured was music by Jim Chapin, Mark Greenwood and Bob Ruzzo .

The Holiday/Winter show featured 20 new talented artists showing there for the first time including Michael Anthony,  Richard Bradley, Stephen Costa,  Ed Fontaine, Linda Greco, Pam Lacerda, David Lopes, Vincent Mancini, Josie Rebello, Sarah Samways, Rebecca Siemering, nine new artists from United Cerebral Palsy Adaptive Arts  Program and Robert Woo.

 In addition, the show also featured 100 returning artists: Ashton Acciari, Dana Alfonso, Jeannine Anderson, Joyce Antonacci, Jean Bauer, Shawndavid Berry, Demetra Bianchi, Regina Blount, Mary Jane Bohlen, Linda Bonaccorsi, William Bowers, Janice Bray, Gene Burgess, Laurie Cairone, Angel Cajigas-Arbelo, Tony Carneiro, Anne Cerullo, Lin Collette, Rosemarie Coren,  Kathleen Corpuz, Arlene Crewdson, Everett DeCosta, Sandy DeLuca,  David Denda, Jack Donahue, Sue Dussault-Eddins, Jay Egge, JP Fernandes, Ricky Gagnon, Susan Garland,   Eric Giorgi, Amy Goldstein, AJ Greenwood,  Donna Hallam, Richard Harrington, Darrell Hughes,, Jess Indeglia, Wendy Ingram, Irma Jenks, Julianna Johnson,  Bob Judge, Michele Keir, Joanne King, David Koukol, Jack Lai,  David LeComte, Michelle Lee, Melyssa Lentini, Kathleen Lombardo, Kyle Machado, Scott Maki, Rosemarie Manson, John Marcello,  Tom Marino, Titi Martins,  Betty McClung, Robert McPherson, Sandra McPherson, Sarina Mitchel, Sue Pakula, Jack Prosser, Polly Poulten, Michael Purcell, Barbara Rosenbaum, Carol Scavotto, Sally Schuman, David Schwartz, Robert Snowden, Christopher Thomas, 21 returning artists from the United Cerebral Palsy Adaptive Arts Program.  Denise Valenti, Terry Van Heusen and Rita Williams. They also featured fifteen artist tables with original art and fine prints at very affordable prices.

On opening night, eight paintings were sold from the walls and about twenty-five pieces of art were sold from vendor tables.

Below, are some select photos from the show. Please feel free to visit the gallery. See available times listed on the gallery’s announcement poster above. Ricky also does special tours, which are open to the public, so check on Facebook for his posts.

Ricky Gagnon posing in front of his gorgeous new series.
David Koukol holding the beautiful drawing he made of my cat Callista.
Music from Sue Dussault-Eddins, Mark Greenwood, Jim Chapin and Bob Ruzzo .

Bob Judge gazing at one of his paintings on exhibit.

Paintings by Barbara Rosenbaum.
Art by Melyssa Lentina.
A beautiful piece by my friend, Kathleen Corpuz.
Art by Janice Bray.
Paintings by Michelle Gradus Parenteau.
David Koukol and Barbara Rosenbaum flexing in front of Ricky’s paintings.
Yours truly with Marilyn.