From Crossroad Press/Macabre Ink.

A Bookbub Editors’ Pick New Release, February, 2019.

Two companion stories included as a bonus.



Nestor Hyatt blended with the New York City nightlife for years, forming alliances with men who were unobtainable. She left the city after her father died suddenly, and returned to her hometown of LeFey Louisiana. Now she resides in a strange mansion she inherited from her Dad. Both LeFey, and the mansion, are rich with unsettling history, where a wicked man, named Marcio Demoni, practiced a form of magic, called Palo Mayombe, the darker side of Santeria, where souls of departed murderers and suicide victims are conjured.

Nestor is a nonbeliever in religion and mystical theories preached by her brother, Peyton; his wife, Cara; her maid, Bethany; and her gardener, Samuel.  But each night Bethany and Samuel go to a river bordering the mansion’s land. They burn bonfires and sing strange litanies, and rumor has it that darkened wishes are granted when they return from the waterway.

Visions and terrifying hallucinations taunt Nestor, but she attributes them to sleep deprivation, and this is affirmed by a group of ragtag people whom she meets in a shadowy room within an old Baptist church. They all suffer from insomnia, and eventually every one of them is slowly destroyed by the demons that haunt them.

Sleepless nights continue to torment Nestor, and she begins to wander the streets of LeFey late at night and in the early morning hours. Then she discovers Midnight Town, a dark suburb of LeFey, a forgotten mill town just over an ancient covered bridge. She meets a ghostly woman named Risa during her wanderings, and is given a dire warning not to venture any further into Midnight Town, but Nestor is defiant and continues to walk the gloomy boulevards and alleyways.

She discovers an offbeat tattoo parlor, owned by a man named Nicholas, someone she met on a train ride from New York City and back to LeFey. The two develop a forbidden relationship, and Nicholas lures her deeper into his world of strange art and intoxicating desire. He is an incarnation of Marcio Demoni, conjured by a man named Rich Hollis—someone who has desired Nestor for years. Dark magic alters time and attempts to trap Nestor into an alternate reality where she is married to Rich—and is living the life of an ordinary housewife. She’s battled all her life never to be ordinary. She tries to breaks free of the Demoni curse and Rich’s twisted plan. Will she succeed, or will she reside in the darkness of Midnight Town forever?