As always, the art is glorious at New Hope Art Gallery.  The artists, vendors and art lovers are the people who help to make this gallery so unique–a warm, friendly venue where everyone is aligned with one goal. And that goal is to bring art to the local community–to help both beginning and seasoned artists to showcase their work.

I have friendships within the local community that I cherish. With each event, there are new people to interact with.  In addition to the art, I wanted to highlight some of the people I had the chance to photograph and chat with at the show’s opening night.

Artist Carol Scavotto left and Ricky Gagnon, New Hope Art Gallery curator, posing in front of one of his new paintings.

Artist Barbara Rosenbaum and assistant curator at the gallery on the left, abstract painter Bob Judge and myself on the right.

David on the left is a gifted portrait artist. Mike, right, is Rhode Island’s marketing guru.

I recently met painter Michelle Gradus Parenteau and Tom Marino, who is an artist and animator.

Several random photos of artists and Ricky Gagnon’s parents, bottom left, who always make sure the opening buffets are carefully set for everyone to enjoy.

Now for the art! I took lots of photos and tried to include everyone by doing two  posts on Facebook, with close to one hundred photos.  Gradually, with future shows more photos of the art will be included on my blogs.

Some of Ricky Gagnon’s portraits. Recognize those faces? I love the way they are painted!

Bob Judge’s work. I adore those little abstract paintings.

Lin Collette’s mixed media pieces on left. She adds whimsical stories to each of her pieces. They are very, very cool. On the right, Some great goth-like art hanging to the left of one of my own goth paintings (girl with the hat) and Bob Judge’s abstract paintings.

More art from the show.

A few more of my pieces hanging in the show.