Pieces from my “Ouija” series, Summer 2018.  They are all acrylic paintings, embellished with items such as fabric, broken jewelry, gears, beads, glitter and ribbon. As of this post, they are all on exhibit at the New Hope Art Gallery in Cranston, RI.

More paintings from the summer of 2018, continuing with images of blackbirds and dolls–ongoing for the past several years.

Late 2017, paintings embellished with paper. Left “Mannequin in a Haunted Shop”, right “Black Cats and Tears”, painted for my cat, Mimi, who passed away last summer.

Left, section from my painting “Magic for Sale”, right “Summoning the Ravens”, both acrylic paintings.

Left, “The Card Reader on Canal”, acrylic painting, embellished with paper. Right, “When Winter Approaches”, acrylic painting.

All work copyright, Sandy DeLuca

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