This hardcover book contains a history of my career as a painter. Examples of my work from the beginning to present are included. In addition, Alban Lake Publishing has added my notes–thoughts…snippets of time–that accompany each painting.

Click on the link below to purchase a book that will most certainly become a collectible in years to come. If you like my writing…if you like my art…treat yourself. Thank you!

Now available at Infinite Realms Bookstore


Update August 18, 2018


Today, I received my copies of COME DREAM WITH ME, a hardcover edition of my art–with notes and thoughts accompanying each piece–from Alban Lake Publishing. They did an amazing job! I’m am honored and elated that this book is the first hardcover that they’ve produced. Thank you, Tyree!

I’ve photographed the cover, dedication and a few interiors to exhibit the beautiful job that they did.

The dedication is to Bob Judge, who was my painting teacher years ago. If it were not for him, I don’t believe that I would have continued to paint. So, I had to thank him.



dream interior 2

Dream interior 3

dream interior