Above: FRAGMENTS, poetry and short fiction by Sandy DeLuca and Art by Bob Judge.

Cover painting Bob Judge

Fragments at Amazon


Midnight Town Media is a small specialty press, created several years ago. In the beginning, I published fiction, art and poetry…mostly my previously published work and a small collaboration with Bob Judge, called FRAGMENTS…


Small Spirits, Dark Dolls at Amazon

And Marge Simon’s poetry collection, SMALL SPIRITS, DARK DOLLS, with my illustrations.

In this post, I’ve listed several of the books that are currently available from Midnight Town Media. I’ll be adding additional pages in the near future.

Hunters Moon Site

Four crime noir stories by Sandy DeLuca.

Hunter’s Moon at Amazon

Digital cover by Sandy DeLuca.


dreamcatcher site

A short story by Sandy DeLuca

Cover painting by Sandy DeLuca.

Dreamcatcher at Amazon


offering site

A short story by Sandy DeLuca, extended from the original, published in the late 90’s.

Offering at Amazon

Digital cover by Sandy DeLuca.