Visual Journal, sketches with pen and ink


Over the years, I filled journals, recording events, using words and images…penning ideas for possible fiction. With the new year, I began a new visual journal. I have put aside paint and canvas for a while and once more I am utilizing pen and ink. As you know, with my visual work, I am often influenced by horror movies and genre fiction.

As I said…much of my visual work is influenced by horror…just as other painters are influenced by life events, culture, etc. When I studied the German Expressionists in college, I began to see painting and painters differently, and I refer to many of those artists during my creative process. My childhood plays a role as well. My Dad was an avid fan of horror and he introduced me to Hitchcock, Vincent Price and others. Then there were the dolls. I am an only child, and those toys helped fuel my imagination during solitary play. So, I prefer to create from feelings and  memories, which often results in dreamlike images–far from photo-realism.

As I get older, I prefer to spend my days painting and sketching…and refining novels in process. Eleven years ago, I battled cancer. Within those eleven years, I’ve produced novels, novellas, poetry and short stories. But I did not abandon my painting or drawing. And my body of visual work has grown a great deal. I am thankful for the time I’ve had, and for all the days that are ahead of me. I’ve learned that life is short. I’ve lost friends, family…even pets over the past decade. So, if life is short, then why not do what I love?

In reference to my fiction, I’ve rewritten my novel “Switchblade” several times and am now working on a final draft. Also, my novel “Midnight Town” has found a home.

Back to my new visual journal now.




Over the past week, I’ve completed about a dozen small journal sketches…and some larger pen and ink drawings. I’m sharing several 4 x 6 inch drawings here. Thanks for looking.

Sandy DeLuca

January 16, 2018


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