Some exciting happenings are occurred in the summer of 2017. I signed a contract with Crosssroad Press. They are currently working on publishing some of my out-of-print books. I will add each book, with links to Amazon as they are published.

Crossroad Press Store

MANHATTAN GRIMOIRE was the first to emerge.

Manhattan Grimoire for site


Manhattan Grimoire at Amazon

FROM ASHES is the second…

from ashes for site


From Ashes at Amazon

SIN for site

Settling in Nazareth at Amazon


In the meantime, I am busy working on a novel called SWITCHBLADE. I began it a couple of years ago and it was originally around 80,000 words. It’s now around 60,000 words–leaner and tighter. And it’s a different kind of zombie novel.

Later this year, I will have news regarding my novel MIDNIGHT TOWN.

I am also working on new art.

I’ve been working from early morning until late evening, and I’m hoping that the hard work will pay off.

July 11, 2017